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SubspaceLand – Under control

Hey there once again everyone. We bring you another batch of SubspaceLand pics and we’re quite sure that you will enjoy this scene. For this one we have a rather unruly brunette that gets taught a lesson as her master ties her up to some trees in the woods as he proceeds to tease her body. She kept pestering the guy to go for an outing and since he grew bored with her constant nagging he did have something in mind to make her shut up. Oh don’t worry, this naughty and sexy brunette enjoyed the whole thing nonetheless today.

So as the Subspace Land scene starts the guy puts on her sex slave collar and takes her out. He intends to take her to the woods where he’d restrain her and then he’d have a go at her naked body. And once there he does as he wants as he proceeds to start to massage and play around with her naughty and hot body. Watch him as he starts off with fingering her eager and naughty cunt just for you to see and enjoy. Like we said you can imagine that this naughty woman enjoyed the hard treatment today and she’d do it again if it were up to her. Check out and enjoy watching some similar bdsm videos. Enjoy!

Watch this slave getting tied and punished in the woods!